Ammunition Shortages - Why Is Ammo So Scarce?

No waiting.  I am used to seeing most of these tables full when the range goes hot early on a saturday morning.  Ammunition shortages are keeping shooters from using what they have.

I have been reading and hearing the news like everyone else and I have experienced it myself.  Ammunition, at least many calibers and loads, are hard to get.  Not one to drink the rumor mill Kool-Aid I figured, hey, I am member of the media so why not just ask the biggest manufacturer what the deal is.  So I did.

I sent an email message to ATK the parent company of Federal Premium Ammunition.  Two days later I received a response from the Anoka Pressroom directing me to their FAQ section with this
link.  Apparently I am not the only one making inquiries.

It answers the questions but it doesn't provide much information.  They say their production lines are running 24 hours a day but that doesn't seem to have put even a dent in the demand.  Bottom line is that the price of ammunition is rising sharply and it is becoming increasingly hard to find.  What is the cause, what does it mean and did the Department of Homeland Security really purchase 1.6 billion rounds?  I don't know but it makes me nervous.

Interesting to see what the ripple effects are.  The picture above shows a lot of empty benches at our favorite outdoor shooting range which is something we are not used to seeing.  I guess people are hanging on to what they have given the fact that they can't replace it.  One thing is for sure, demand isn't increasing because people are shooting up their supplies, it must be something else.

UPDATE - is reporting today that DHS has just ordered another 360,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition.  According to the article this latest order is in addition to 240,000 hollow point cartridges the agency ordered last month and brings their total acquisition to more than 2 billion rounds over the past year.  That is a lot of ammo folks.  Why so much hollow point and why aren't they responding to congressional inquiries?

UPDATE 2 - The Secretary of Homeland Security has finally responded as to why DHS is buying up so much ammo.  Senator Tom Coburn published a Letter in which Napolitano explains that they are just trying to be thrifty by buying in bulk.  Oh, well, we don't have the money to keep all our air traffic control towers open and operating but we have hundreds of millions to spend just to save a few pennies per bullet?  Makes perfect sense to me, everybody knows what a sucker the Federal government is for a great deal.          


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