Earthroamer - The Ultimate 4X4 RV

Here at Hardcore Outdoor we are always looking for what we think is best in class gear regardless of cost or origin and that goes for our rigs too.  Looking for an RV that is off road capable and smaller than a house but still offers some creature comforts?  Here it is.  The Earthroamer XVLT.

I read about the original Earthroamer project, what, maybe 10 years ago and thought it was the coolest thing going.  Trapsing across the globe in a decked out truck/camper combo.  However, I didn't know that they had actually turned the adventure into a going concern that creates these amazing vehicles for any schmuck with a wheel barrow full of dough.  No they are not cheap but with mortgage rates so low it doesn't seem so fantasticly out of reach.  Forget the cost, can you imagine rolling into elk camp in this?  It's the Hidden Meadow Ranch of 4x4s.

There are different versions but they are all pretty impressive.

Built on the Ford F-550 chassis with a long list of features like front and rear winches, air adjustable ride height, and solar battery charging make the Earthroamers completely self-sustaining. 

Well thought out and well made with top of the line materials and components.

Top down view of the head, sink and shower area.

Fridge, microwave, pantry and dry storage.

Dining area doubles as the second sleeping area when the table is slid forward and out of the way.  Hey, even a meat eater needs his recommended daily allowance of fruit and who doesn't like a good Zinfandel after a long day of bird hunting.

A good view of the queen size bed and Cab access.

Honey, I know what I want for Christmas this year!  A guy can dream can't he.  If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would be on the plane to Denver to pick one up the very next day and spend a month finding my way home. 

Wade Nelson

Sorting through the fads and fashion of the outdoor equipment industry to identify and promote the very best wilderness gear for high end recreational users, backcountry professionals and government agencies. 

We can be educated and persuaded but not bought, bullied or bs'd. 

Hardcore Outdoor is dedicated to those who won't or can't turn back.


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